Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sirius Conductor

August 19, 2006

On August 17 there was an event held by sirius where new hardware was shown off. Details from the event are flowing out but pictures seem hard to come by. Various sites have fond some images of the Brix line of some of the units, and some images of the Stiletto had surfaced from a Crutchfield publication. It now appears that an image of the Sirius Conductor has made its way to the net thanks to someone that Sirius Backstage called "Thrasher Duck".

The Sirius Conductor is a unique solution to the home tuner market. The unit will work with ANY home tuner. The tuner does not have to be "Sirius Ready", and can even be an "XM Ready" tuner.

The Sirius Conducter is small in size at only about 3" x 3" x a bit over an inch. Because the conducter is controlled by a controller, and the controller works off of RF, the unit can be hidden if desired.

The "cool" aspect of the Sirius Conductor rests with the controller. The controller houses the display, and can be used from up to 150 feet away. This is where the sirius song, channel, and artist information appear. The controller can also be programmed to cotrol other devices in your home, and an additional Sirius subscription can be added as well. A second subscription allows for the ability to listen to two different sirius channels in two different rooms.

The sirius Conducter has an MSRP of $149.99

8/19/2006 03:12:00 PM

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