Friday, August 18, 2006

Sirius' Universe

August 18, 2006

With the introduction of Plug & Play Units came the first glimpses of what Universal docking solutions mean to Sirius. The benefits run deeper than many may realize:

Consumer Benefits

A universal system makes it easy for a consumer to purchase hardware. They no longer need to worry about whether of not the particular model they are looking at has a boombox, or which unit it was that their husband has as they are buying a second car kit. The shopping experience will be much easier. there is one solution.

Retailer Benefits

Ording becomes easier. The car and home kits are all identical. Shelf space can be consolidated, and there are not as many prices to remember. Training of the sales force is easier, and things such as store transfers will happen less often, and with fewer mistakes. Inventory management and storage space would also be consolidated. Displays will look less cluttered and confusing.

Manufacturing Benefits

Manufacturing runs can be better planned. Retooling will become less of an issue. Engineering for each specific unit is streamlined because the docking solution has been standardized. procurement of materials is also standardized bringing even more savings

Sirius Benefits

Consolidated advertising. One kit or one boombox does it all. Consolidated retail shelf space. Delivery of a simple message that avoids confusion. An easy solution for other manufacturers to make accessories for Sirius hardware. Flexability in distribution.

The universal platform is a great all around solution. It makes satellite radio an easy to navigate event for the consumer, the retailer, the distribution channel, etc. This type of universal platform could well be something that sways retail sales in the second half of the year.

The Universal Car Kit and Universal Home Kit are available now at TSS Radio

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