Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Howard Stern Comments on return of "Classic" Archives

June 7, 2006

Howard Stern Rejoices Over CBS Archives Acquisition

June 7, 2006

Howard Stern finally started dishing this morning about the settlement of his lawsuit with CBS Radio, with the crux of his conversation revolving around the acquisition of his 20 year broadcast archive. "A dream of mine has come true," said Stern. "I could never imagine that I would be announcing this, but circumstances are strange."

"It is nothing short of miraculous that this material is available," he said later in the program. "I had resigned myself to the fact that this material would never be available again. I had decided that, most likely, the material would have had to be destroyed."

Sirius Satellite Radio made a payment of $2 million to CBS Radio to gain rights to the Stern archives, which he had not gained full control of upon his departure from the company. Sirius' rights to the archive expire in December 2010, which is also the same time The King Of All Media's five-year contract with the satcaster expires.

"This is going to be the biggest thing. The second wave of the revolution," said a joyous Stern this morning, noting he now has access to 23,000 hours of his material which can be broadcast in an uncensored form. Stern promised the material would be heard exclusively on Sirius and he would not syndicate it back to terrestrial radio.

Stern would not comment on anything else regarding the settlement with CBS Radio. "The situation is behind us now," he said. "The great news is that we can bring you these tapes." He also cited a confidentiality agreement surrounding the settlement as the reason he couldn't say more.

It will be interesting to see what Stern ends up doing with the archive, as he has said multiple times that the last ten years at K-Rock were sub-par radio, so there will be an expectation for the bulk of material he initially dives into for rebroadcast to be culled from his first decade at K-Rock.

As for how the material will be presented, Stern said there are "a million ways to present it and I'm not even sure how to begin." One possibility is a whole new Sirius channel dedicated to classic material. No matter how it is presented, fans of Stern's classic days will rejoice as appearances by Ol' Dirty Bastard, Billy West, Sam Kinison, Hank The Dwarf and more will finally be able to be heard in their uncensored form.

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