Thursday, May 18, 2006

Talent Unions Call In Digital Rights Consultants

May 18, 2006

Satellite Standard Group keeps you informed. In a story that could have potential implications for satellite radio as technology moves forward, talent unions are seeking out consultants to look into how talent is paid for advertisments, etc. on digital media. As Sirius and XM get ready for offering video services, this may become a factor.

Ad Age writer T.L Stanley wrote the following piece, and if you follow this sector, you should take a few minutes to read the article.


May 17, 2006 LOS ANGELES (AdAge.com) -- Representatives from the advertising industry and Hollywood's commercial talent are inching closer to a new model for compensation in a digital world.

The talent unions and ad industry are working together on the thorny issue of how actors get compensated for their work in ads that appear on devices such as cellphones and MP3s, as well as video on demand. Proposal requestsThe groups -- the ad industry's Joint Policy Committee on Broadcast Talent Union Relations, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists -- have asked nine different consultants to submit proposals that will address how actors in commercials will be paid when the spots appear on multiple media.

"We're doing this mutually, and it's a great step forward," said Doug Wood, lead negotiator for the ad industry's Joint Policy Committee. "We need to find a balance between what advertisers need to do to reach audiences and how talent can be fairly compensated."

Contracts set to expireThe goal is to stave off potential trouble as the groups........

You can read the entire piece via AdAge by clicking HERE

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