Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SSG Exclusive Interview with Chip Harrison

April 12, 2006

Satellite Standard Group (SSG) caught up with Chip Harrison, Professional Angler, and the man behind the Sirius Satellite Radio wrapped boat seen at FLW Outdoor Tour events.

SSG is pleased to announce that we will be conducting interviews with Chip after each tournament event, so be sure to check back for an inside look at Chip Harrison’s season.

SSG – Chip, how long have you been sponsored by Sirius?

C.H. – We signed on in February, got the boat wrapped, and launched in March. I’m excited about it, and the wrapped boat looks great. It even has the “Dog Star” logo.

SSG – How long have you been fishing as a career?

C.H. – Well, I have been fishing for a long time, but as my career it has been about 14 years.

SSG – Fishing as a career has a couple of components, tournament winnings and sponsors. Who are your sponsors?

C.H. – Sponsors are a very important part. My sponsors are (links to sponsors):
Setyr Rods
Ranger Boats
Yamaha Outboards
Solar Bats Sunglasses
Moore Boats
Minn-Kota Trolling Motors
Mizmo Lures
and of course Sirius Satellite Radio.

SSG – For those new to the fishing experience, how exactly does a tournament work?

C.H. – Well, you have a professional and a co-angler. It is almost like two tournaments wrapped into one. Co-anglers are determined by a random draw, and assigned to a professional. The professional makes all decisions on the boat, and determines where to fish and whatnot. After 2 days of fishing, the top 10 professionals and the top 10 co-anglers move on in the tournament. The co-anglers fish for one more day, and the professionals for two more days.

SSG – You are part of the FLW Tour, what other events do you participate in?

C.H. – I also fish in the FLW Series

SSG – When is your next event?

C.H. – The next event is an FLW Series event and is going to at Lake Cumberland in Somerset Kentucky on May 3rd…. From there we have an FLW Tour event at Kentucky Lake in Benton Kentucky on May 10th.

SSG – So, do you ever sneak a listen to Sirius while out on the lake?

C.H. – [laughs] Well, it is serious business out there. Actually we are going to install a unit on the boat. There are times where you do like to listen to radio out there though.

SSG – What Sirius Unit do you have in the car?

C.H. – I have the Starmate Replay and it is always on.

SSG – What of music do you like to listen to on Sirius?

C.H. – Well, I am a rock music guy. I like Octane, Classic Rewind, Classic Vinyl, Hair Nation and that type of music. There is a lot to listen to.

SSG – Any favorite talk programs?

C.H. – I love Howard Stern. In fact, my radio is on Howard 101 right now. I think that Sirius has the best variety and selection available. The sports package is great.

SSG – Chip, thank you for taking the time to speak with us, and we will catch up with you after the Lake Cumberland event.

C.H. – Thanks….looking forward to it.

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