Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Carmel Group Report Flaws 1

April 3, 2007,

A review of the Carmel Report - SSG Comments in RED

The Carmel Report States - overall opposition to the merger is significant and growing. It comes from consumer groups, the media, legislative representatives and the public.

Hmmmm.....I can argue just the opposite. overall support to the merger is growing. Consumer groups such as public knowledge, the media, legislative representatives and the public are supportive. However, opinion does not matter.....LAW and the public interest are what matters.

The Carmel Report states - Among the consuming public, concern resonates around the very idea of a merger-to-monopoly and its inherently anti-competitive aspects.

By what metric are you calling this merger a monopoly? Who appointed you, or the NAB as the deciding entities for such an assertion? Isn't it the responsibility of the DOJ to determine if there is a monopoly? Why would the NAB fight so hard if they were not a competitor to satellite radio? Basically, it is YOUR opinion that it is a monopoly.

The Carmel Report states - Among content providers and performing artists, the key element involves less choice. This means less choice in the negotiation process, fewer vendors and providers, loss of existing and future employment, and more market power used against them by a huge monopoly in "closed markets".

The goal of content providers is to get their content in front of as many ears as possible. Is Carmel going to issue a report regarding the NAB's desire to loosen the current ownership regulations for terrestrial radio?????? Loss of existing and future employment????? Come now, good content providers will be able to negotiate quite handily.

The Carmel Report States - True supporters of this merger appear to be few in number. Other than the companies themselves, suggested or even actual support comes from but a scattering of Wall Street bankers and related analysts; additionally one consumer group, Public Knowledge, did mention approval, but only based upon extremely restrictive and unrealistic conditions.

HMMMMM.......Perhaps you should dig a bit deeper. Many consumers are in favor of the merger. Look at SATCOS SURVEYS . There is some compelling information there regarding the merger. Next, your characterization of the opinion of Public Knowledge is very misleading and misguided. I think you may want to review their statements. You characterize their conditions unrealistic and restrictive. How are you the organization to make such determinations? I find it amazing that you even made such a statement.


4/03/2007 01:04:00 PM

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  • I agree with you, but our point is what is being done to make the decision makers aware of the other side of the arguement? I agree with the person's comment that these stocks aren't worth the trouble anymore.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 03, 2007 2:00 PM  

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