Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Carmel Flip-Flops After NAB Pays Them

Research Firm's Thoughts On Satellite Radio Flip-Flop After NAB Pays Them
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www.techdirt.com, Apr 4

We noted yesterday a new report saying that a merger between XM and Sirius would be bad for consumers. It was being played up because the firm behind it, The Carmel Group, wrote a similar report a few years ago about the proposed merger between Echostar and DirecTV, which it says played a significant role in getting that deal blocked. What was a little bit more telling about the supposedly independent report was that it was paid for by the National Association of Broadcasters, the group representing terrestrial radio owners that's using plenty of shady techniques in its fight against the satellite radio merger. A key part of the Carmel report and the NAB's position is the assertion that the two satellite radio companies only compete with each other, and not with other forms of audio entertainment (terrestrial radio in particular), though the more the NAB beats its chest, and the more loudly it objects to the merger, the more this claim is undermined. Now, as if Carmel's credibility wasn't questionable enough, the folks over at Orbitcast have dug up an October 2005 report from the firm -- written by the same person, no less, but not apparently not paid for by the NAB -- that takes the exact opposite position...read more: here

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