Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bridge Ratings, Updated Feb 28th, Satellite Radio Merger Study

The Bridge Ratings Consumer Satellite Radio Merger Perceptual Study
Wednesday February 28, 2007

News of Proposed Merger Likely to Impact 2007 Subscriptions
As serious rumors of a possible satellite radio merger began surfacing in 2006, Bridge Ratings began interviewing current and potential satellite radio subscribers to learn about their perceptions and possible actions should such a merger occur. The following data summarizes much of what we have learned.
For the purposes of this study, Bridge Ratings interviewed consumers at retail outlets who have purchased Satellite radio. Telephone surveys were also conducted between August 1, 2006 and February 23, 2007. Calls were placed to both current and potential subscribers to satellite radio.
I. Consumer Interest Index (CII) :
Since 2003, Bridge Ratings has conducted Consumer Interest surveys in order to project the potential size of the satellite radio subscriber base. Over time marketing by both satellite radio companies has heightened awareness and interest in the medium...read more: here

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