Monday, December 25, 2006

Sports Programming on Satellite Radio

I did not get satellite radio for it's sports programming, nor could I grasp the demographic of the person that would. From a marketing perspective, I thought the co-branding opportunities were significant, but I, personally, never turned my dial to listen to any games.

Yesteday, I was invited to a friend's home. When I walked in, even though the TV was on, all the guys were sitting in front of a Sirius receiver LISTENING to a football game. I was totally amazed. I asked why they were listening to the game on radio rather than watching it on TV. They responded that the game that they were interested in was "blacked out" and not available on TV. I asked how they were able to visualize the plays from listening to a radio announcer. They said that announcers on radio are able to capture the game in words that convey the actual plays.

Perusing satellite radio message boards, I have seen comments by posters questioning the viability of sports on radio when games are available on TV. Now I totally get it...for those who don't want to pay gobs of money for the cable or satellite TV sports packages, want to have access to a variety of games, or if their game has been blacked out, satellite radio is a great option.

Another reason given for listening to sports on satellite radio is that these guys are sensitive to being catagorized as "couch potatoes". If they listen to sports doing chores in the yard or in their cars while running errands, rather than sitting in front of a TV, they find that their wives are less likely to complain.

I had extensive conversations with these guys over the course of the afternoon, and now I think I understand!

12/25/2006 03:24:00 PM

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