Monday, November 27, 2006

Radio World Cozies Up To SatRad

iPods Are Killing Radio!?
Programming Innovator and XM Guru Says While Radio Is a Unique Experience, iPod Is Equally cool. ‘It's All Good.'

by Lee Abrams, 11.22.2006
Abrams is chief creative officer, programming at XM Satellite Radio; this commentary appeared on his personal blog at leeabrams.blogspot.com and is used with permission.

I have three iPods. Great devices. Other than the fact that I erased all 3,000 songs accidentally when I got a new laptop, they are a wonderful technology.Then all of a sudden I got quite a few e-mails about the announcement (about iPod adapters being installed in more vehicles) as well as seeing a few blogs that spelled the death of radio, both satellite and terrestrial, due to iPods coming into cars. Putting the denial radar on full, I have to think that the "death" comments are similar to the proclamation that North Korean ICBMs are poised to hit Los Angeles ... soon.In my opinion, it’s a changing world in terms of how you receive audio entertainment. Not a brilliant revelation, but how you process that reality is the key. The new choices are good! Bring it on...read more: here

11/27/2006 10:48:00 AM

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