Thursday, October 26, 2006

XM 4 Launch Delayed

October 26, 2006

We need to be perfectly clear hear. From what we know, there is no issue with the XM satellite. The launch was aborted due to a coupler for a liquid oxygen failing to disconnect. This event caused the abort, and it is our understanding that a new launch window will be determined, and the launch rescheduled in the coming days.

It is our hope that the news reports this accurately. I fear that we will see headlines that are not very favorable, when in reality, things are running quite smoothly. It is better that the team at Sea Launch be extra careful, then to have a mishap. sea Launch is a very professional organization with a very good track record (over 95% success).

The transcript of what was said:

"Automated launch abort----The auto coupler for lox systems did not disconnect

Roger ---- understand---- Team, this is the MD on Channel 1, we're on abort script, five"

We will post more information when it becomes available

10/26/2006 09:59:00 PM

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