Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stern Huge For Sirius Internet Radio

October 29, 2006

If you think that the impact of Howard Stern on satellite radio was a one time event, think again. Sirius introduced Sirius Internet Radio about two weeks ago, and launched it with a small campaign with a two day free trial featuring a chance for people aroud the world to tune in for two days free.

The marketing effort encompassed about a week, and was mostly driven by word of mouth and the web. The results…….Sirius internet traffic spiked to levels similar to December 2005, when Sterns move to Sirius was highly publicized, and stern was making television show appearances, and magazine covers all over the place.

This is quite impressive to say the least. The campaign once again served to increase Sirius’ brand awareness, and likely will serve as the launch pad for a more robust campaign.

Detractors of Stern and Sirius want more than anything to believe that Stern is now a muted personality with no exposure now that his home is on Sirius Satellite Radio. Well, look at what one announcement, and a week and a half of promotion have accomplished. Sirius’ internet traffic was huge during the event. People got to hear some great content, and the event is something that can put Sirius on the tip of the tongue of many potential subscribers.

The secret…….Exclusive content programming. Had stern been available on other mediums, the draw would not be as great. People who were on the fence, and had not yet subscribed were treated to some great shows, and also treated to music at CD quality.

Even if only 1% of those that tuned in were to become subscribers, the event was a success. People got a taste of what Sirius internet radio has to offer, and Sirius now has a new platform from which to deliver content to subscribers. The exposure derived from this event is nearly priceless, and sets the stage for the holiday season.

Sterns impact on satellite radio has been termed “The Stern Effect” . Reports of it’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. It is quite clear to anyone that Stern still resonates with radio listeners. It is also clear that Stern will once again be a factor this holiday season.

As satellite radio becomes more and more mainstream, those that liked stern in previous years will once again gravitate towards him again. One such example came from blogcritics.com. These guys penned an article that found its way to the Howard stern website. The article is quite interesting, and can be read HERE.

Simply stated, Stern remains a hot commodity, and Sirius is well aware of this. It gives Sirius a clear and concise way to build recognition. No other piece of content has matched this to date. The NFL, Major League Baseball, Oprah, Opie and Anthony, Dylan, The Stones, and many others pale in comparison to what Stern has been able to deliver for Sirius. The stern effect dead?????? No Way. It is alive and kicking butt.

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