Monday, October 30, 2006

Consumer Reports: Positive on SatRad Trends

October 30, 2006

Automobile customizing defies stereotypes

Consumer Reports survey finds Americans of all ages spend more than $700 on car modificationsAmong adults whose household owns a vehicle, 73 percent had personalized their principal vehicle in some way, or plan to do so, according to new research by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. The study reveals that this drive to personalize one’s car cuts across all major demographic segments, whether the car was purchased new or used.Over all, this study found that these automotive enthusiasts have spent an average amount of $711 per car. Extrapolated out to the total population aged 18-64, consumers have spent an estimated $81 billion on the vehicles they currently drive. Based on the average reported six-year ownership period, this breaks down to $13.5 billion, or $118 per person, spent annually....


Half the car owners plan to change, or have changed, in-car electronics, with stereo systems heading the list at 28 percent, despite the trend in factory-supplied units sounding better and being increasingly difficult to replace. At 22 percent, car alarms and speakers are also common. Satellite radio units logged in at 13 percent--a relatively strong return considering that many new car models offer Sirius or XM systems as standard or optional features. Hands-free cell-phone setups also came in at 13 percent. Consumers also looked to high-tech luxuries, such as video systems (10 percent) and navigation systems (9 percent)....read more: here

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