Friday, September 22, 2006

SSG Shoutout

September 21, 2006

*** A Technical Error was fixed, this should work now. ***

Satellite Standard is interested in your feedback and comments, about the site, as well as comments about happenings in the sector. Because of this, we have created SSG Shoutout.

If you want to comment on how we're doing or have feedback regarding one of our articles, feel free to fill out the form. Your post may be featured in a weekly rundown of SSG Shoutouts every Saturday.

The link to submit an SSG Shoutout is located in the left sidebar. Simply click "Submit Shoutout".

Look for the SSG Shoutout archives in the left sidebar of the site.

Please consider a few suggestions.

* Any messages regarding technical issues or errors in an article should go to ssg(at)satellitestandard.com, not to Shoutout.
* Keep it brief. Anything after 1000 letters/numbers/spaces is ignored.
* Shoutouts with language higher than PG rating may not be posted online. There are ways to get your point across without being
* If we use your post for the weekends segment, we'll suppress your name and we won't give out your e-mail address. For instance, we'll use A.J. from Irvine, CA.
* We may or may not respond to your comment, even if we post it.

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
City, State:
Your Message (1000 Chars or Less):

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