Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mainelli Canned Over False Stern Article

September 21, 2006

Amid accusations of conflicts of interest, it appears that N.Y. Post columnist John Mainelli landed in some hot water, and it cost him his job. Mainelli was discovered to have a lucrative consulting business with the radio industry. He printed an article that is widely suspected to be a planted rumor that Howard Stern was returning to terrestrial radio. This investiogation is sure to go deeper over the coming weeks.

Radar Excerpt:

Radar Exclusive Stern Warning Gets Post Writer Canned

JOCK SLAP SternHoward Stern's words may not carry the same weight now that he's on satellite radio, but he's still got enough juice to get a pesky critic fired. John Mainelli, the New York Post writer who irked Stern by reporting a rumor that he would return to terrestrial radio with his tail between his legs on Tuesday, has left the paper after receiving an ultimatum from editor in chief Col Allan.

Allan told Mainelli Wednesday that he had to choose between his freelance job covering the radio industry for the Post and his lucrative sideline consulting for radio stations and owners. "I consider myself fired," Mainelli tells Radar. "I can't live on what I earn from the Post."

Mainelli claims he has made no secret of his consulting relationships and has always been careful to recuse himself from stories that might present a conflict of interest. But Allan, according to a Post spokesman, was not aware of the arrangement, and would have put a stop to it long ago had he known. Stern has been waging war on Mainelli since Tuesday, when Mainelli reported on speculation that Stern might cut a deal to get part of his broadcast back on terrestrial radio. (Since Stern left CBS in January, his show has only been available to Sirius subscribers.).....

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