Saturday, September 23, 2006

SSG Shout Out - September 23, 2006

September 23, 2006

Well, the first SSG Shout Out column launches today. We would like to thank everyone for their submissions, and would love to hear from even more of you. Remember, your shout can be about anything related to the satellite radio sector, and does not have to be limited to SSG or our columns. To participate in SSG Shoutout simply refer to the appropriate section in the left sidebar, fill in the form, and submit it.

This weeks Shout Outs:

From S.D. of Richmond, Indiana:
"I think that you do a good job overall. I would like to see an enhancementwhere articles can be submitted. For instance you might have a shareholder forum. Iwould like to submit an article on shortsales of Sirius. Keep up the good work."

Editors Response:
We here at SSG would welcome articles submitted by readers. We can not guarantee that every submitted article will be published, but we will give all submissions consideration. Please submit your article to satellitestandard@gmail.com

From N.D.K. of Wrightstown, New Jersey
"I have found SSG to be the top site where a person can find the most up todate info on Satrad. Keep up the good work. SSG is the place for breaking news on Satrad. Satellite Radio Tech World is the next most 'valuable' click after SSG!"

Editors Response:
Thank you for the kind words. There are several sites out there that supply information, and we are happy that you like SSG. Satellite Radio Tech World is also doing a wondeful job. Hopefully readers will support these sites so that they can continue to offer up to date and relevant opinions and information. Thanks again for your response.

From B.D. Holland, Ohio:
"Love the website I check it every day. Wanted to let you know I saw theSirius Stiletto at Amazon.com and it says that they will go on sale OCT. 2. Didn'tknow if there was an official date yet or if that was the date"

Editors Response:
We understand that Stiletto availability will be happening very shortly. In our opinion, look for the device to launch next week at a show in California.

From R.R. Windsor, California:
"Sirius to have a 'link' on their home page that has coupons to say, 'tide'or 'Crest' toothpaste. I click, print, go to the store, buy tide soap instead of Downy or , Crest instead of Colgate. Tide pitches in $.50 cents that month towardsmy monthly sirius sub, Crest pitches in $.50 cents as well. This combined with otherpurchases from 'sirius' approved vendors will ultimately pay for my subscription.This kills 3 birds. 1: takes away peoples arguement not to pay for radio.(it's paidfor by advertisers) 2: Takes away 'sector' bashers favorite argument. 'Nobody willpay for radio'!! 3: Advertisers will flock to sirius to advertise to 8 million (soonto be subscribers) Bonus 'bird': Another revenue stream for Sirius. Bonus 'bird':Advertisers can TRACK who is buying, ELECTRONICALLY; as soon as you scan the couponat the store, advertisers know you bought their product , unlike 'Blindly' payingnews papers to advertise."

Editors Response:
Interesting concept. As long as the music remains commercial free, I do not think anyone would take exception. Perhaps the creation of a Vendors page on Sirius' website will be something that Sirius considers. Kind of an "alliance" with other companies.

From P.W. Colorado
"SSG just kicked the NAB's ass"

Editors Response:
Well, the NAB had it coming after having the nerve to write their letter in the first place. Perhaps our readers will also give the NAB a piece of their mind.

From D.D. Garden City, New York
"As an investor in the Satellite radio sector, I am very appreciative of the important information you continually provide. Your site is my first and most helpful source of all kinds of news and insight about the SATRADs. If you charged money, I would pay. Instead, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude, and hope you willcontinue performing your great service, while both Sirius and XM stocks go over $100 per share! All the best!"

Editors Response:
Thank You for the kind words. There are many who are under the impression that this site generates a lot of money. In fact, it does not. I am lucky if it covers my coffee in the morning. There are several people who are involved in SSG, and I like to be able to reward them in some way for their efforts. There is a method by which you can help support what we do, and hopefully grow the site bigger and better. In the right side bar there is a "Support SSG" section. Readers who feel compelled to help can do so by giving $1.50 per month (about .05 cents per day). We have some great ideas for the site, but, as any good entity will tell you, will not impliment them until the site is self supporting.

Thank you all for your participation in SSG Shoutout

9/23/2006 03:22:00 PM

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