Monday, September 18, 2006

Sirius Stiletto Gets A Positive Mention In Wired News

The Music Store In Your Pocket
By Eliot Van Buskirk Also by this reporter, 02:00 AM Sep, 18, 2006, Wired News

The first big deal about digital music was that you could use the internet to get music. The second big deal about digital music could be that you won't need a computer to use an online store.
This is one of the things Microsoft got right with its new Zune digital music player, which bypasses the centralized store concept somewhat by letting you grab files wirelessly from other users (more on that below).
Some cell phones already allow you to access massive catalogs of music without a computer, of course, but they're too proprietary and expensive to catch on. A recent promotion on the Sprint Music Store allowed you to download three songs to your phone for $5 -- not much of a bargain, and that's for songs that wouldn't play on your new phone if you were to switch carriers. Plus, streaming high-quality music channels to a cell phone is way too expensive, which limits your music discovery options to short clips of songs you already knew you were looking for....

...If you hear a song on a Sirius Satellite Radio channel that you like, the Stiletto 100 will let you tag the song for download from an online music store or subscription (almost certainly Yahoo's, in the case of the Stiletto, although Listening Post couldn't confirm that). I'm hard-pressed to think of anything that lets you fulfill your instincts to capture music from a programmed channel in a smoother way.
As I wrote in my last column, the Stiletto 100's insides were designed by a company called Zing Systems (the outer design came from Ziba Design). Zing's CEO Tim Bucher was on the board of advisers for Xenote, and helped develop the iTag, so it makes sense that the same concept is included in the Stiletto...READ MORE: HERE

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