Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sirius' New Satellite

September 5, 2006

Kudos to the guys over at Satellite Radio Tech World on catching this new information relating to Sirius' new satellite.

Satellite Radio Tech wolrd lists out several highlights from the application. We will list a few here, and then suggest that you follow the link to their site to view the rest. satellite radio Tech World is a great source for information relating to the government filings on satellite radio issues.

- The satellite, like the others, will act as a bent pipe.

- Consequently, it will be compatible with current and next generation radios.

- The requested location is 96 W.L., roughly center of NA.

- Will serve co-terminous US and Canada.

- Only two of the four satellites will be used at any given time. All four will be used. (Perhaps they have changed their mind on how they will use the satellites. Maybe now they won't see a reduction in life for two of their satellites. Before, they seemed to indicate that they would have to shift two satellites around, which would have expended fuel, deceasing the life of the two satellites.)

- Will transmit at either 2322.29 MHz (Ch 1) or at 2330.21 (Ch 2) using 4.5 MHz bandwidth, using LHCP on the downlink.

Please visit Satellite Radio Tech World HERE for more details

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