Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sirius Radios To Ship Soon

August 9, 2006

As many are aware the FCC has taken issue with some FM Modulators in Sirius and XM hardware. Both Sirius and XM have been working on a virtual daily basis with the FCC to get distribution of hardware back on track by getting these units certified.

At a recent presentation Directed Electronics indicated that they were anticipating resolution shortly. Since that day there has been some speculation that the issue is about to find some resolution.

SSG has learned that Directed Electronics is now in the process of tabulating back-order quantities for retailers in preparation for distribution as early as this week. As yet there has been no announcement or method to verify that the FCC is indeed certifying units for distribution, but the activities at Directed would seem to indicate that things are close to resolution.

For the moment treat this as speculation. Should we here at SSG get further details we will update the status of this story.

8/09/2006 08:47:00 AM

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