Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sirius Conductor Orchestrates Rave Reviews

August 22, 2006

The Sirius Conductor was previewed at an event last Thursday along with Sirius' new line-up of Plug and Play devices and their Stiletto live wearable units.

Prior to this event the Conductor was not discussed anywhere, but subsequent to the showing, it would appear that the device will play a nice role in the Sirius line-up this fall.

Sometimes a hurdle presents a solution that is simply better than what would have originally been produced. In this case the hurdle was the exclusive contract XM signed with several home stereo manufacturers. Last year XM created a product which housed the XM subscription into an antenna. This antenna could be plugged into an "XM Ready" tuner, thereby making XM available in the home. XM's deal was that Sirius chipsets would not be allowed in "XM ready" devices. This would make manufacturers that wanted to have Sirius ready devices produce a "new" unit, something that creates a problem when shelf space and manufacturing space are at a premium. This hurdle presented the chance for a great solution for Sirius.

Sirius chose to produce a product that could hook up to any device. The home receiver does not have to be "satellite ready", and can even be an "XM ready" device. That solution is nice, and workable, but the real impressive part came with the controller. There is no need to worry about the home receivers display when the display is on the controller. As if that is not enough, the controller uses both RF and IR. With RF, you can Control your tuner from 150 feet away. Sweeten things up a bit more with the fact that this controller is a universal remote for up to 6 components. The result of this process is the Sirius Conductor, and even before it hits store shelves at $149 people are already beginning to talk about it.

Positive reviews:


Reader comments on these sites, as well as others such as www.siriusbackstage.com and www.orbitcast.com have also been positive. It would appear that this solution offered by Sirius will be well received by consumers.

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