Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What Does FLW Mean To Sirius?

June 28, 2006

What does FLW Outdoors mean to Sirius satellite Radio?????


FLW Outdoors is growing rapidly, and they get plent of exposure in the process. As of now FLW events are broadcast to over 430,000,000 homes world-wide.

Only 10 years ago the tour was in it's infancy. Total pay-outs were in the neighborhood of $800,000. It made it hard to be a profession angler. Now FLW Pays out over $40,000,000, and puts on events like you cant imagine.

The big change was the sponsorship of Wal Mart. The organization began to blossom, and smart corporations have jumped on to the bandwagon. This year Sirius Satellite Radio not only signed on as a sponsor, but also sponsors one of the many professional anglers on the tour, Chip Harrison. SSG readers should be familiar with Chip through our interviews and coverage of his season.

Recently, there was an interesting piece on the news regarding FLW and its massive growth. The piece is three minutes long, and will take a while to download, but it is worth watching. It gives you a flavor of what FLW is all about, and the growth potential that exists.

View the Video:
HERE (via Youtube)
HERE (via Rapidshare (High Quality Quicktime))
and watch for Sirius Satellite Radio's Eric Pollard in the interview.

The Championship FLW event is only a month away. Chip Harrison, the Sirius Satellite Radio angler, will be on the lake in a Sirius satellite Radio boat. The exposure will be huge. FLW has a loyal following, and being a sponsor of FLW gives Sirius Satellite Radio a "leg up" with a growing audience.

Visit www.flwoutdoors.com to learn more about the various events around the country.

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