Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pure Vanilla - New Sirius Advertiser

June 28, 2006

Sirius Satellite Radio is getting a lot of attention from companies looking for ways to market their products. Sirius offers many platforms where a sponsor can advertise, and because it is satellite radio, advertisers can be pretty creative with their ads.

Pure Vanilla is a new Sirius sponsor that has had some ads on the Howard Stern Show. Not only is Pure Vanilla a new sponsor, but they are a fairly new business as well. Pure vanilla launched beta testing of their product in April, and expects to have their cards widely available in stores nation wide this month.

What may be of particular interest to readers is that this company is brand new and publically traded. Pure Vanilla trades under the ticker symbol PVNX.

So what exactly is Pure Vanilla??????

Pure Vanilla, through http://www.purevanilla.com/ and in-store sales of Pure Vanilla cards, is the first anonymous payment solution to facilitate purchase of Adult content online.

Pure Vanilla is popular with consumers because its unique payment option is anonymous, time-efficient, and pre-paid. Pure Vanilla is popular with on-line merchants because its system enhances financials through accelerated cash flow, the elimination of charges backs, reduced processing fees and free exposure through the Pure Vanilla listing.

Pure Vanilla can leverage its patent pending technology to sign-up thousands of consumer online accounts and merchants daily. Thus, as the only Adult Industry adopted payment system, Pure Vanilla is expected to lead and dominate the payment processing for a significant global industry.

Why Use Pure Vanilla?????


-Complete AnonymityPure Vanilla is the first cash based payment solution that enables cardholders to make totally anonymous purchases of Adult Content online. Pure Vanilla does not pass any personal information on to any web site you choose to view, at any point. Your usage is truly anonymous; your privacy is guaranteed – now you are just a number.

-No Risk of ID Theft - No Credit Card Fraud Pure Vanilla is effectively a cash transaction and does not require a credit card. Retail consumers are not required to give any personal information to purchase the Card (except age verification at point of purchase). At the retail level we do not collect any email, private or personal information at all. The Pure Vanilla card eliminates the risk of ID Theft, Credit Card Fraud and presents no online credit risk whatsoever to the Consumer. Click here to open a Pure Vanilla account online.

-Transact Online Without Credit CardsPure Vanilla enables you to transact online without any dependency on credit cards. No more monthly bills which can clearly show charges for online usage. Simply go to a participating retailer to purchase or reload your Pure Vanilla Card, go online and access the Adult content site of your choice; all the traditional worry of on line transactions are a thing of the past. Pure Vanilla is a secure, anonymous online payment engine.
Purchasing the Pure Vanilla CardGo to our online
zip code locator and simply enter your zip code to find what locations are in your neighborhood or simply click here to open your Pure Vanilla account online.


-Today, Pure Vanilla retail agents throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.Throughout the coming months, we will be increasing our footprint in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

-Delivering Incremental Qualified ConsumersPure Vanilla brings you customers that previously could not or would not partake based on credit limitations and or concerns about anonymity.
Pure Vanilla delivers a steady stream of qualified consumers to your websites. As Pure Vanilla is totally cash based, your customers are pre-approved to transact at your website.

-Zero Charge backsWith Pure Vanilla there are NO charge-backs. Only Pure Vanilla eliminates chargebacks because every transaction is pre-paid.

-More Reasonable FeesPure Vanilla reduces processing and ancillary fees associated with maintaining an online adult site significantly.

-96 hour Cash Flow to content providersWith Pure V proceeds are available in as little as 96 hours.


-No Out of Pocket Expense or Ongoing Inventory Carrying CostsThe Pure Vanilla card is a cash-based card meaning there are no out of pocket expenses to the retail agent.

-We will take credit cards in stores. Guaranteed Profit on Every Transaction

-Increased Foot Traffic - Ancillary SalesPure Vanilla, through its Retail Locator, identifies you as a participating retailer and at no fee to you adds you to their store location by zip code section thereby driving new and repeat customers to your establishment, creating ancillary sales and increased traffic earnings.

-New Source of Revenue / No Added Overhead CostsPure Vanilla is one of the hottest new products that will stimulate repeat and new business without any additional overhead spending.

-New Customer basePure Vanilla is adding new customers every day, potentially increasing your business without any financial outlay on your part.

What is clear is that Pure Vanilla understands their market niche very well, and that they offer a service that is unique to the industry. The potential for Pure Vanilla is international, and the exposure they are sure to get from the Howard Stern Show (now available on the internet globally) is sure to set them off on a course for success. pure vanilla offers a simple and discreet payment option for an industry that rakes in BILLIONS every year.

You can learn more about Pure Vanilla HERE

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