Friday, June 30, 2006

New Sirius PNP Radios

Our InsideSiriusAlliance partner, GSI (http://getsiriusinfo.blogspot.com/) posted the article below (Perhaps these new units replace those that were rumored to be "pulled" from the online store?).

New SIRIUS PNP Radios - We got the Photos..

GSI has gotten some photos of the NEW "Streamer GT3" the Brix version of the Starmate (note the GT3 will not have replay functions), and the Streamer 3 is the Brix version of the Sportster, with a Amber display in place of the blue found on the Sportster 4, the Streamer 3 will not have replay functions.
We are also told that the Sportster 3 will be out with an Amber display and will not have replay.. This will be the "poor mans" new Sportster... We are told the Amber display is cheaper and will be found on the "lower" end units.. The blue display is an upgrade, and will be on more costly units..

From what we are told the Streamer GT3 (and a new Starmate unit) will be the first in the Starmate Family that will be dockable.

We are told the Sportster 4, Streamer 3, Streamer GT3 will fit in the same dock! (Also look for some new units from Directed that will also fit into a Universal Plug N Play dock and boombox!

Here is the photos -
Streamer GT3 - ST3TK1B

Available November 2006
- Bright 5-Line Amber Display
- Easy to Use Cross-Hair Navigation
- GameAlert, GameZone
- 30 Presets, S-Seek
- Slimmer/Lighter Design
- Docking Connector Enabled

Streamer 3 - SP3TK1B

- Available November 2006
- Large Streamer Sized Display
- Rotary Encoder Knob
- Amber Backlighting
- GameAlert, GameZone
- Up to 30 Artist & Song Alerts
- One-Touch Jump
- 30 Presets (3 bands; A, B, C)
- Full-Frequency Wireless FM Transmitter
- Full-Frequency Wireless FM Transmitter
- FM Preset Short-cut Button
- Common Accessories with Streamer GT3
- Support for “Smart” Docks & Accessories

Some may see this and say nothing new here.. (but some would be wrong) but the big news is that the new Starmates and Sportsters will fit and work in the same docks..

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