Friday, May 12, 2006

Following Cramer's Picks

May 12, 2006

Yesterday Satellite Standard Group did a piece about Jim Cramer, and some of the irrational trading behavior that surrounds him. Readers who missed the article can view it HERE. Some readers seemed to feel as if SSG was singling out Cramer as a "bad guy". We don't feel one way or the other really. I am sure that if you were to meet him that he would be a personable guy, and would be able to engage in a meaningful conversation.

SSG does feel that perhaps investors rely to heavily on his opinion, and that perhaps Cramer himself should give more distinction between the "Entertainer" and the "Analyst". Cramer does have a fiduciary responsibility (at least to some extent) to be thorough in his research and recommendations. Not all of the responsibility falls on Cramer however. Individual investors need to be responsible themselves.

Upon writing yesterday's piece, we also took down the symbols of Cramer's May 11, 2006 Buy recommendations. Jim Cramer singled out 19 equities that he labeled as "Buy's". To be fair, Cramer did put a disclosure at the bottom of his picks. We have included that disclosure in our spreadsheet. So far, Cramer -1.41% on those picks.

SSG will follow the performance of these equities for at least a couple of weeks, and see how you the readers enjoy the story. The chart in this piece (click on it to enlarge) give Cramers picks of May 11, 2006 and how he has done one day into things. This exercise is not about pegging Cramer into the category of "hero" or "bum", Instead it is being done to show the "whole story", and not just the hyped up "winners" that are often spoken about in association with Cramer. SSG fully recognizes that Cramer has an ability with equities, but we are also well aware that no one is right "all of the time".

If you enjoy this segment, please let us know by e-mailing us at satellitestandard@gmail.com

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