Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Jim Eldred - Setyr Rods

May 2, 2006

As many readers may be aware, Satellite Standard Group likes to do interviews that we feel readers will find interesting. Satellite Standard Group will be interviewing Professional FLW Angler Chip Harrison after each FLW tournament that he participates in. Chip Harrison is the angler that Sirius satellite radio sponsors, and he uses a Ranger Boat wrapped with the Sirius logo. You can read the first interview here.

In following with the events of Chip and FLW Outdoors, Satellite Standard Group wanted to bring you the stories of some of the sponsors of Chip Harrison. Today we are pleased to bring you an interview with Jim Eldred, Founder of Setyr Rods. Setyr Rods manufactures and supplies the fishing rods that Chip uses on the lake to reel in those bass.

SSG - Jim, what year was Setyr Rods Founded.

J.E. - The idea in the summer of 2004 and production began January 1, 2005

SSG - What was your first model of rod?

J.E. - CLS190M

SSG - Setyr makes both fresh water and salt water rods. Which sells better? Is there a time of the year when you see a spike in sales?

J.E. - We started our rod line with fresh water and in 2006 we have produced a very nice salt water line. Rod sales tend to flow with the fishing seasons, major in the spring and minor in the fall.

SSG - Why Setyr Rods? What sets you apart from other rod manufacturers?

J.E. - We had a difficult time finding a name that we liked that wasn't already in use, so we created one ourselves. Customer Service will separate us from any rod company out there, hands down. Our customer service model is not a shell game, nor built on or around the opportunity to defend our warranty card. We are rod builders here in the U.S.A. Take one look at our craftsmanship and it speaks for itself. Setyr manufactures a better rod.

SSG - What makes rod selection important?

J.E. - Efficiency: We at Setyr build a professional style rod available for the consumer. Ask any pro this question and most likely you will get the same answer.

SSG - Is there a simple way to "size" a rod for an individual?

J.E. - I wish there was, we joke about how rods are too built. Too long, Too short, Too fast, Too heavy or Too something!

SSG - Chip Harrison, who fishes in the Sirius Satellite Radio boat is one of the anglers you sponsor. How long have you sponsored Chip?

J.E. - Chip and I have been acquainted for about four years now, and He has been with Setyr since the beginning.

SSG - Do anglers such as Chip make suggestions for rods?

J.E. - We are privileged to work with a group of individuals that includes Rod designers, Pros, Builders, Guides, Captains, And Weekend Anglers.

SSG - What other anglers do you sponsor?

J.E. - Dave Lefebre, Sean Hoernke,Jamie Fralick, O.T. Fears, Janet Parker, Les Felps, and Dave Palmer.

SSG - What do you consider the most important component or characteristic of a Setyr Rod?

J.E. - Continuity, the balance between light and durability. Setyr Rods may not be the lightest rod. It may not be the most durable rod. Yet, we believe, it is the lightest most durable rod.

SSG - A Setyr Rod would make a great Father Day gift. Where can people go to find out more information about Setyr Rods?

J.E. - www.setyr.com

SSG - Jim, Thank you for your time, and we will be watching for Setyr gear in the hands Chip anglers and the others on FSN and at the lakes.

Chip will be fishing in an FLW Series event starting tomorrow at Lake Cumberland Kentucky. Watch SSG for the next interview with Chip this week. You can follow his progress at flwoutdoors.com.

5/02/2006 09:40:00 PM

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