Monday, April 17, 2006

S50 Executive System Has Arrived

April 17, 2006

Well, the Sirius S50 Executive System is now available, and it is a hot item. Satellite Standard Group (SSG) has spoken to one on line retailer who has a healthy supply of the highly sought after product.

The Sirius Store has plenty in stock, and is ready to accept orders for the unit. You can contact them via this link. SSG has found TSS to be very knowledgeable and helpful regarding THE Sirius product line.

SSG spoke to the folks at The Sirius Store (TSS), and they are excited about the new product. They did state that they have several back orders for the S50 Home kits, which seem to have a very limited supply. They want those customers to know that they are still in the system, but as yet a delivery date from the distributor has not been determined. Customers awaiting the S50 Home Kit will receive an e-mail as soon as those kits arrive. TSS has changed their pre-order policy based on what happened with the S50 as well as the S50 Home Kit. TSS was not alone in back-orders on these popular units. Many retailers experienced heavy demand for the products, and the supply line simply could not keep up. TSS stressed to me that they wanted to their customers to know that they understand the frustration surrounding the delivery of S50 products, and that they will work with their customers to remedy the situation.

Now, about the S50 Executive System:

1. The S50 Executive System can be described as a cross between a boom box and a shelf stereo system. In other words, it is not the type of system that you take to the beach. The system does not offer battery power. It is more along the lines of a table-top radio.

2. The S50 Executive System serves as a perfect unit for use at the office, or with your home stereo. It is self contained in the sense that it has its own speakers.

3. The sound quality is quite nice. The unit does not have a sub-woofer, but does have bass enhancement technology for those that like a deeper sound.

4. The system has 10 watts x 2 channels, and features all of the controls that the car kit and home kit offer, including the popular love button.

5. The S50 Executive System is self contained. No need to run it through an existing system.

6. The unit sports a headphone jack and auxiliary input (i-pods etc. can be run through the unit), and comes with a desktop stand as well as a wall mounting bracket.

7. The SIRIUS S50 Executive System is portable enough (16” wide x 7” tall x 2.5” deep) to move from place to place with ease, letting people bring Sirius into any room. The units sleek design form factor makes it a natural in any home stereo environment.

Those interested in the unit can contact retailers such as TSS.

The link to this write up is http://tinyurl.com/njqo6

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