Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Opie and Anthony on CBS

April 26, 2006

Some may feel that this write up is in bias, but let me assure you that it is not.

Today on my commute I tuned into WBCN FM in Boston to hear how the CBS version of the Opie and Anthony sounded. I found it nearly unlistenable.......wait, don't get in a dander.......I found it difficult to listen to because of the commercial load. It seemed like 20 minutes of content followed by 15 minutes of advertising in a pattern that continued throughout the drive.

It was the format that I took exception with. Opie and Anthony have talent, and do put on a good show, but this format seems to be "smothering" to me. Perhaps I have been spoiled by satellite radio for to long now.

Another thing I found very interesting was the content of the commercials. Every commercial break had an ad featuring HD Radio. As those that follow satellite radio know, HD (in the minds of some) will be more competitive with SDARS than the current FM format.

I have no personal knowledge of how the XM version of the sounded. Checking on some message boards, it would appear that old bits were played while CBS wrapped up their longer commercial sets. I saw comments of XM subscribers that are unhappy with the change, and some that feel that the product they pay a monthly service fee for is being watered down.

This article is not looking at the business side of the deal. I am speaking only about the consumer side of the deal. I can see why an Opie and Anthony fan that is an XM subscriber could be frustrated.

In all fairness, the concept here is brand new, and hopefully the "kinks" will be ironed out. Only time will tell if consumers will warm up to the idea. From my perspective, the CBS format is not compelling enough to draw me away from listening to satellite, and at the same time is not compelling enough to sell me on it either.

The link to this write up is http://tinyurl.com/jbzr7

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