Tuesday, March 06, 2007

February 2007 Auto Sales And SDARS Relationships

March 6, 2007
Sales for February 2007 are in, and we have broken down the figures. Readers should bear in mind that the figures represent OEM market share, and NOT satellite radio installations. Installations vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and some manufacturers have relationships with both Sirius and XM. Click the chart to enlarge.

Sirius has exclusive deals with OEM's that represent 39.89% of the OEM sales market.

XM has exclusive deals with OEM's that represent 36.16% of the OEM sales market.

Sirius has deals in place with OEM's that represent 63.84% of the OEM sales market.

XM has deals in place that represent 60.11% of the OEM sales market.

With a merger in the works some may feel that this data is no longer relevant. We caution readers to remember that these companies are still independent of each other up until a merger decision is made. Further, there have been statements from the companies that would seem to indicate that current contracts would remain in place, and that renegotiation may happen relative to installation deals to allow the OEM's to offer consumers more. Time will tell how all of this plays out.

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