Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SSG Introduces SATCOS

February 21, 2007

We are pleased to announce the launch of Satellite Consumer Opinion Study - SATCOS

SATCOS was soft launched about 1 month ago, and today we are pleased to unveil SATCOS to the readers of SSG and the satellite radio consumer community. We feel that the merger announcement makes it more important than ever for an assessment of consumer opinions. Currently there are seven surveys on SATCOS, and we encourage you to participate in all of them. Your answers are kept private by Killer Survey, and SATCOS nor SSG receives any information other than the results, which are fully available to the public.

SATCOS Survey #1 - Demographics

SATCOS Survey #2 - OEM
SATCOS Survey #3 - RIAA vs. XM
SATCOS Survey #4 - Content
SATCOS Survey #5 - I-Pod vs. Satellite
SATCOS Survey#6 - Retailers
SATCOS Survey #7 - Merger

SATCOS Is A Grass Roots Campaign To Shed Light The Opinions Of Satellite Radio Consumers By Gathering and Publishing Information Relating To The Satellite Radio Sector.

The purpose of SATCOS is two fold. First and foremost, it has been implemented to gather consumer opinions for the purpose of gathering thought and sentiment of consumers with regards to various subject matter. SATCOS will publish fully public surveys each Monday. these surveys will range in subject matter, and are geared towards letting anyone participate and better understand satellite radio. Your opinions count and matter. Participation in SATCOS surveys lets many people know how satellite radio consumers as a group feel. It expresses consumer desires, and can help to create a better listening experience on satellite radio. Readers are encouraged to submit subjects for survey consideration.

The second aspect of SATCOS is to utilize commissioned surveys that pay you, the satellite radio consumer, for your opinions. satellite radio is a new medium, and as yet, many traditional businesses and advertisers require a baseline of data to better understand the satellite radio consumer. By example, an on line retailer may want to know where their customers are coming from and how their customers feel about their on line shopping experience. Was the retailers site easy to navigate? Were the prices good? Were the product photos and descriptions good? was The shipping fast? That retailer can commission a survey for their customers through SATCOS. Another example is an advertiser wanting to better understand what their target audience is listening to. they can commission a survey. SATCOS is creating a panel of satellite radio consumers, and that panel will receive compensation for each commissioned survey they participate in.

Please feel free to visit the SACOS site for more information.

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