Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SSG ShoutOut - December 20, 2006

December 20, 2006

It has been a while since we have published SSG Shout-Outs in a group. The holidays, and site re-design have hampered efforts, but finally, we are getting to some of the shout-outs:

READER COMMENT - Andy K - Boston, MA

The battle for supremacy in the satellite radio market over the past fiveyears is shown in the Compete.com blog today. XM Radio and Sirius have beenjockeying for position, but the gap could be widening. Just last month they hadtheir biggest separation ever in page views to their websites. Check out the post tosee the numbers. We hope you find this article interesting and would be happy if youwould like to link to it or write about it. Thanks a lot. Link

SSG Response

Thank You for your input to the site. Your article is quite interesting and offers some insight that readers may not have considered. Keep in touch.


The 'SIRIUS Alpha' video that was found on Youtube seems to be from the CES05 era. Since it shows early footage of Howard Stern (taken from Private Parts) andAl Franken from Air America (which has since sold themselves out to XM,) it isobviously not recent. In addition, SIRIUS is still using the 'Radio Your Way' sloganfrom CES, as opposed to 'The Best Radio on Radio.'

SSG Response

The video was created by a fan of Sirius, not Sirius themselves. It is an interesting concept, and the fan did a good job in the creation of it.

READER COMMENT - Mark S. - Louisville, KY

Clearly we did not see an institutional exodus on the subsciber downgradenews. I think the the loss was due primarily to individual investor panic. The most important metric right now is CFBE and if Mel and David confirm that Sirius will reach this watershed mark, investors should be rewarded with at least a recovery of the losses on the revised subscriber news. Note that the comments of each Mel andDavid have recently been more firm on the issue of when CFBE will be reached. Listen closely to the words chosen by each when addressing this issue tomorrow at the conferences.

SSG Response

There was some negative impact with the lowered guidance, and investors did not take the news lightly. I agree that CFBE is importantant. It helps validate the business model -IF- CFBE is maintained. i believe that we will see "losses narrow" headlines for both Sirius and XM going forward. This will be welcomed news for those that have followed these equities.

READER COMMENT - Mike D - Rockaway, NJ

You're absolutely correct. Why would a so-called independent firm likeBridge Ratings feel the need to quote BOA? Perhaps you could take a look back andcheck their previous projection performance. It's beyond me how they can predictoverall sub adds when they have no insight into OEM, Online retailers, andSirius.com. When it comes to overall subs, I'll stick with SIRI's recentlyreitertated guidance.

SSG Response

The key to information such as Bridge and NPD is that people understand what goes into collecting the data, and what that information is indicative of.


New site sux. I'll use GSI to see if you have anything worth reading or toget to the linked sites I have become used to from your list. Good Luck.

SSG Response

We have been modifying the site for some time now, and perhaps it is better tuned to what you are looking for. We have had a lot of positive feedback, and always take reader input seriously. Please drop us a note, and let us know what specifically you did not like.

READER COMMENT - Kovachs - Pleasantville

'Recording Capacity: The Stiletto is about double, 2 GB, and can record upto 10 hrs of individual songs recorded from Sirius channels and 100 hours of othercontent. The Inno, 1 GB, is about 8 hrs of XM songs, and 50 hrs of content.'

The above is at best poorly written. The Inno allows you to record 50 hours ofindividual songs or 50 hours of content.

SSG Response

Agreed. Thank You for the clarification.


Hello There... just a quick comment on your last story about valuation. Onxm you have to look at the new shares that were converted..there share count will beclose to 305 million shares now...So there market cap is a lot higher then the 4billion you posted...please look at the deal for the convertibel notes...which hasbeen closed...thanks

Agreed. The outstanding shares for both companies have had some changes. As always, we highly recommend that investors consider float as well as the fully diluted count. Thanks for the comment.

12/20/2006 03:27:00 PM

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