Monday, December 11, 2006


December 11, 2006

Investors in SDARS can help themselves out by being prepared for and knowing things befgore they happen. In the coming days, old news will hit the wires and be perceived as a negative for the sector. A prepared investor has a distinct advantage if they know the news ahead of time.

There are times where news that is already known hits the wires again, andthat news can have the ability to impact the price of the stock. this is about to happen this week. The news is already old, and should already be priced into SIRI and XMSR, but we all know how this works.

The retail sector has shown some weakness in November. This news has already been delivered to investors in analyst reports as well as in Sirius lowering their guidance in response to a weaker than anticipated November. Very soon the NPD numbers for November will be released. These numbers will show and confirm the weaker November, and analysts will certainly write reports based on the data. Do not expect the reports to be rosey. Even if December has seen better traction in the last two weeks, the news of November sales will carry the day because there is no information available for December.

It is expected that Sirius still maintaines an NPD advantage for November, but that both companies will post sales off when compared to last year. Traders will sieze this information and try to profit from news that is already known, but will gain headlines again because new data will now be available.

Some analysts do their own channel checks, and we here at SSG suggest that investors do the same. Stop by a store and ask a few questions. Ask at the department, ask at the register, and ask at the install bays. My own channel checks have shown a pick up in SDARS in the last couple of weeks. One retailer we spoke to reported their busiest sales Monday today.

Reports of a recent pick up in SDARS sales is welcomed news for SDARS investors. Other reports that are also heartening are surveys that show that over half of the people have not yet started their holiday shopping.

While November may have been disappointing, there are at least some informal indications that December is looking better and things are picking up rather nicely. The purpose of this write up is to encourage people to perform their own checks, and let investors know that there is some old news that will resurface soon.

12/11/2006 10:40:00 PM

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