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SSG SHOUTOUT October 1, 2006

October 1, 2006

Well, anaother week has passed, and satellite radio has kept the attantion of the street yet again.

M.G. Carlsbad California
"So Called 'Free' Terrestrial Radio Isn't Really Free! Proof: How much is your time worth? For example, I'd say my time is worth about $30 an hour. If you consider most terrestrial radio stations play about 20 minutes of commercials out of every 60 minutes of programming, you can easily calculate that they cost about 1/3 of my time in wasteful and annoying commercials. ( 20/60 x $30/hr = $10 per hourcost of listening! ) Compare that to Satellite Radio which costs only $12.95 permonth (or $.43 per day, or only 1.8 cents per hour!) So next time someone tells you Satellite Radio is too expensive, ask them how much their time is worth!"

SSG Response
Great points M.G. Content challenged radio is having a more difficult time these days getting their point across. People are smartening up to what satellite radio is all about.

R.R. Windsor California
"I know this was 'news' yesterday but,Sumner Redstone at Viacom got a 50% haircut. His pay and bonuses at Viacom were cut in half. And they say old radio is thriving. LOL. SSG give us a link, that is hilarious."

SSG Response
It is little suprise that content challenged radio is having troubles. They need to change, and adjust to a new market place. until they do that, they will have some troubling times ahead. (The story R.R. is talking about is: Here).

D.D. Garden City N.Y.
'Content Limited Radio' or 'No Choice Radio' are a better way to describe terrestrial radio than 'Content Challenged Radio.' I like 'Commercially Interrupted Radio' and 'Censored Radio.' Terrestrial can have 'Free Radio' while satellite has'Freedom Radio' The posssibilites are endless, and you are right in that satellite radio should mount a campaign against terrestrial, and fight fire with fire."

SSG Response
Thanks for the input and response. That article got some chuckles out of people. i like the FREEDOM RADIO moniker.

T.W. - United States
"SOUNDS LIKE THEY READ YOUR PEICE FROM YESTERDAY,AND HAVE ACCEPTED YOUR OFFER OF A PR BATTLE......LMAO" http://jacobsmedia.typepad.com/jacobs/2006/09/on_oprah.html

SSG Response

It appears that some people over their are beginning to get it.....LOL

T.W. - United States

"I was looking through the career sections of both XM and Sirius the other day and if you set all the job opportunities side by side, It appears to tell a story of the health of each company. Just might be a story in there. Keep up the good work. SSG is a daily stop in my web travels."

SSG Response

Interesting. Thanks for the input and keep the coming

10/01/2006 09:46:00 AM

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