Saturday, September 09, 2006

Howard's Response To Crain's Writer

On his show, Howard spoke to Matthew Flamm, who wrote the negative article, "Stern's Sirius Move A Vanishing Act", which made the front page of Crain's New York Business on Sept. 7th (more press for Stern/Sirius!).

Below is a summary posted on GSI (LINK) with credit to www.markfriggins.com for synopsis.

Howard Stern Questions Reporter Mattew Flamm About His Negative Article
Friday, September 08, 2006

...Howard asked him where he gets his statistics from because they're talking about having over 6 million subscribers at the end of this year. He asked Matthew how he can paint him to be a total failure when SIRIUS has turned around and is now outselling XM radios. They've flipped over the stats since before he started there from XM having 60 percent of the market to SIRIUS having that much of the market. Howard said he thinks that he is the major factor in SIRIUS' turn around but Matthew doesn't think that he's brought in all of those listeners. He thinks that Howard has promoted the service like crazy but he didn't bring in those 4 million subscribers who have come on since he signed on. Howard wondered where he gets the statistics from.

Matthew said he got them from an analyst who said it's more like 1 million, not 4 million.
Matthew said he asked around inside SIRIUS and he was told that Howard brought in about 1.5 million subscribers. Howard said that's quite a jump from the one million he quoted in the article. Howard asked him to explain how, on the retail level, that XM has lost a third of the market and SIRIUS has gained all of that. Matthew said that he did credit Howard for that turn around but Howard didn't think he did.

Howard told Matthew that just because SIRIUS doesn't give out his numbers, it doesn't mean they're bad. Matthew said that from what he's been told, that's the number he got. It doesn't mean that his pull isn't stronger than that. Howard said that he thinks that there is way more people out there signing up for SIRIUS because of him than what the analysts are saying. Matthew said that he was basically saying that since he moved to satellite, he's starting over again and he has to go out and make some noise to get more attention for himself. Howard said he thinks that he has already made the noise by moving to satellite.

Matthew thinks that Howard may have to go out and do more things to get attention. Howard said that maybe he does but he's actually cut back on the amount of publicity he was going to do because the radios are selling themselves. Howard let Matthew go a short time later and thanked him for calling in."

9/09/2006 01:30:00 PM

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