Monday, August 14, 2006

Stiletto Picture

August 14, 2006

A leak through crutchfield and spotted by Sirius Backstage

From Crutchfield:

"The next step in the evolution of Sirius radios has arrived - the Stiletto 100, the first portable player to offer the reception of live Sirius signal on the go, plus up to 100 hours of storage. It offers a beautiful display and easy to use controls, comes with a slew of useful accessories, and works with optional accessories that expand the number of places and ways you can listen to Sirius. It's truly the most impressive Sirius radio yet."

True Portability
"The stiletto features a built in antenna that can receive live Siris beroadcasts just about anywhere you are, without having to be docked in its car or home cradle. Just charge up the battery, slip the pair of included ear-buds and you've got a great companion if you're out jogging or hiking or just walking around town. You'll also get a set of headphones with an antenna built into the headband. You can use these to supplement the inmternal antenna in areas where the signal tends to get blocked. Using these headphones also keeps your body from blocking the sirius signal."

Storage Galore
"The stiletto lets you store up to 100 hours of Sirius songs and programming. More storage than any other portable option. And just about half of the storage can be used to store your MP3 and WMA files too (keep in mind you wont get a full 50 bhours of MP3 and WMA because of file size). The Stiletto also supports Microsofts PlayForSure so you can play tunes you've "rented" from servives that charge a monthly fee for unlimited downloads. When you record Sirius content you can go song by song and combine these songs with your MP3's or WMA's for a spectacular playlist. You can also record programming in blocks up to six hourseach, and you can schedule up to 100 recordings in advance."

WIFI Capability
"Sometimes you'll find spots where you can't get Sirius reception. But thanks to the Stilettos WIFI capability this doesn't necessarily mean you can't hear live Sirius broadcasts. If you're in a WIFI hotspot use the Stiletto to access the Sirius website and stream all of sirius' music channels, Howard Stern and more. You'll also make fewer demands on the battery, more than doubling the playback time, compared to listening to Sirius in standard portable mode."

Lots of Goodies in the Box
"In addition to the earbuds and headphones with built in antenna, you'll get two batteries, one standard and one extended life, which offers up to 4 hours of live Sirius reception, 14 hours in WIFI mode and 22 hours of content playback. You'll also get a set of car accessories including a car cradle with 10 buttons that let you save up to 30 channel presets, an antenna, and a power adapter."

Extra Accessories
"Want to play the Stiletto through your home stereo. Pick up the home kit Its dock lets you charge both Stiletto batteries at the same time and it will play the sound over any FM radio thanks to the FM transmitter. You can also use the stiletto in your home or office using the SL-EX1 powered speaker system."

Back on June 6, 2006 SSG outlined some of the items to expect in the stiletto. You can read that artile HERE

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