Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bama Fan? Got Sirius?

August 29, 2006

With the opening game of the season sold out, and only available on a pay per view basis, what is a fan to do? As this article points out, Alabama football games can be heard on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Article Excerpts:

Stay Tuned, but Where?

By Mitch Dobbs Posted Aug 28, 2006

The University of Alabama football team's season opener is already sold out, and it will be televised on a pay-per-view basis only. Availability and price varies by area and service provider, and you should check with your satellite or cable provider for detailed information. Here’s what we know:

On DirecTV, you should be able to find the game on channel 797. DirecTV lists the price of the game at $29.95 on its web site. The number for pay-per-view ordering for DirecTV is (800) 531-5000.

Dish Network’s web site says the Bama-Hawaii game will be on channel 461.
People in Alabama and Hawaii may only order the game by cable, DirecTV and Dish. Outside of those states, they must subscribe to ESPN Game Plan to get the game (in addition to other anticipated Bama pay-per-view games).

Alabama’s games are on Sirius Satellite Radio. The Sirius site says the game will be on channel 147....."

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