Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Institutions Are Getting Sirius

May 16, 2006

Satellite Standard Group monitors several aspects of the satellite radio sector. Institutional ownership in an equity is an important aspect of the stock market. Institutions move large amounts of shares, and knowing the status of institutional ownership is beneficial for individual investors.

As of March 31, 2006, some interesting things happened with institutional ownership in Sirius Satellite Radio.
  • There are now 347 Institutional Holders in Sirius
  • Institutions hold 429,196,118 shares
  • 44 new positions were established in Q1 accounting for 18,190,376 shares
  • 125 institutions added to their position accounting for 119,918,020 shares
  • 164 institutions decreased their positions accounting for 83,643,843 shares
  • 289 institutions had activity in Q1 accounting for 203,561,863 shares
  • 64 institutions sold out of their position accounting for 34,729,234 shares

Some of the names that added to their position in Sirius are as follows:

  • Wellington added 38,033,835 shares for an increase of 275.43% to their holdings. Wellington now holds 51,842,635 shares.
  • Oppenheimer added 38,299,240 shares for an increase of 707.64% to their holdings. Oppenheimer now holds 43,711,503 shares
  • Vanguard added 3,677,471 shares for an increase of 16.54% to their holdings. Vanguard now holds 25,908,465 shares.
  • Morgan Stanley added 3,420,188 shares for an increase of 59.95% to their holdings. Morgan Stanley now holds 9,125,081 shares.

Institutional ownership in Sirius increased in Q1, and interest during Q2 is out there. Sirius has had many meetings with institutions, and spoken at various conferences. Investors in Sirius should be watching institutional interest closely.

5/16/2006 10:45:00 PM

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