Monday, May 22, 2006

A Comparison of Satellite Radio and HD Radio

May 22, 2006

Ever since Sirius and XM began getting subscribers, there were those that have challenged the "pay-for-radio" business model with the upcoming release of HD Radio. While both types of service offer digital music, the method of revenue between satellite and HD differs greatly. Satellite radio relies on subscriber revenue that is supplemented by advertising revenue. HD radio relies solely on advertising revenue.

Many have offered speculation as to what effect HD Radio will have on Sirius and XM. Some feel that it will have a minimal effect, while others seem to feel that it will have a drastic impact. Only time will tell, but before any realistic conclusion can be made, HD Radio needs to first become viable itself. Viability for HD radio has been a true struggle.

Well, now there is someone who has taken the time to formulate how satellite and HD are performing, and they have graded the services. Audio Graphics has an interesting piece on the Satellite vs. HD battle.

The final grade is that Satellite Radio gets a B- while HD Radio gets a D.

You will have to read the article to see how they arrived at these grades. You can catch the entire piece HERE

A Special Thank You to T.W. for letting us know about this

5/22/2006 01:23:00 PM

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