Saturday, April 29, 2006

Getting More Out of Sirius

April 29, 2006

As reported here and at many other sources, Sirius has updated their website. Many have commented on the new look of the site, but the upgrades go deeper than the front page. Here is some interesting things that allow Sirius subscribers to get more out of Sirius.

Traffic and Weather

Navigate to this page, select your city, click on GO, and BOOM. You have the weather reports right on line before you even leave your office. At first glance this may not seem impressive....After all, you can get weather reports anywhere on line. But, this does give Sirius subscribers an easy to use reference without having to leave the Sirius web site.


Simply hit the music button here and you see the music selections of Sirius broken down into genres and categories. There is even a section that lets you know about what is coming up on the various streams. Again, an improved functionality of the site.


The Entertainmant button gives you access to all of the entertainment content on Sirius. This section enables you to see Comedy, Talk, Lifestyles, Family and Kids, as well as Religious programming.


The Sports button gives you access to the most extensive sports programming package on satellite radio. The NFL, NHL, NBA, English Premier Soccer, Arena Football, College Sports, Horse Racing, Sports Talk, and even a section reserved for Nascar can be found here. Play by Play and show schedules can be accessed here. This page is worthy of a "bookmark" by sports fans.

Only On Sirius

The Only On Sirius button is perhaps the most impressive showing of Sirius content. You can view the Only On Sirius page by clicking here. This page shows users a lot of the exclusive content that Sirius has to offer. Forty One shows and channels are listed here, and a click on any one of them tells you a bigger story. This page is full of content that you simply can not get anywhere else, and that list is not even complete.

There are other aspects of the site that a full of informative content as well. Subscribers and non-subscribers alike should take a few minutes to explore the site.

The link to this write up is http://tinyurl.com/fy4n7

4/29/2006 11:32:00 PM

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